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Donna and husband David Feinstein DONNA EDEN


The 2005 Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Conference was held in Miami in May 2005

Here's what Donna Eden had to say ...


Earlier in my career, before having written Energy Medicine and teaching so broadly, I would show beginning students ways of engaging the client with greater focus on establishing a psychic connection than I do now.

I backed off from that approach because people would gravitate toward it and would tend to skip what I consider the fundamentals of the work-basic energy testing and energy routines followed by correcting where the energies are out of balance, the mechanical parts. As I watched some of my students take the work into a form that seemed ungrounded and out of touch with the fundamentals, I quickly stopped emphasizing the psychic realm over the basics. This did not seem a major change of direction, however, because I know that the psychic dimension enters the work organically when the basics are attended to properly.

Usually in my private work, by halfway through the session, the client and I had entered an entirely different realm from the mechanical work that opened the session. My own experiences have absolutely convinced me that the mechanical energy testing, energy routines, and energy balancing are essential. They are the gateway that align the energy both within the client and between you and the client (for instance, figure 8 energies are spontaneously generated between the two of you while you are doing the mechanical work), and which set the field for sublime intuitive or psychic work. It is usually then that the magic strikes.

I know there are healers who work at the psychic level alone and who do energy work more as an exchange of energy than by working with any of the specific systems. That is fine, and a very few people are highly gifted in this approach. My own experience is that for most healers, this is like trying to get the subtle body into an exquisite level of vibration when the physical body is a mess because it has been overstressed or lacks rest, exercise, and good diet.

If you mechanically bring the basic energy systems into good balance, harmony, and flow, magic ("invoking supernatural powers") is ready to occur. If you do not, the channels for the magic are not as available. I do not mean to imply that first everything must be in an optimal state mechanically for this to occur. Usually, as I said, by the middle of a session (and my sessions were always at least 90 minutes), the mechanical work would morph into this deeper realm.

This was true for my students as well. If you do everything that presents itself mechanically in the beginning of the session, the person's energies become aligned so they begin to dance with one another and they begin to dance with you and then you and the client enter a realm that is not mechanical at all. You enter a field where the work is guided by the energies in their own glorious intelligence, along with the body's deeper intelligence, and the intelligence of your own and the client's angels, guides, and intuitive wisdom can all come in.

"Colors, Auras, and the Psychic Realm" is a gateway course into this deeper level of the work. Just to be clear, it is not my version of "Six Steps to Becoming Psychic" or "Donna's Complete Guide for Seeing Color, Sensing Auras, and Reading the Akashic Records." While this deeper level of the work opens your subtle senses, it is an evolution, and this class will offer maps for that evolution, it is not just a compilation of techniques.

That is why I so strongly encourage you to complete Energy Tracker and everything leading to it prior to taking this course, and to practice those fundamentals as thoroughly as you can. Even if you don't have a professional practice, exchange chakra sessions with someone every week, for instance, between now and the class. Or work with the radiant circuits, whatever you are drawn toward. Stay attuned to what you sense when you give and when you receive, what colors come to you with your eyes closed, what intuitions pop in. This will be a great gift for both of you.

In a nutshell, this class will be about attuning yourself to the invisible realm of subtle energies and energy fields in which we all operate. This realm is always there. It affects each of us, and each of us accesses this realm in different ways. As we attune ourselves more fully to the natural subtle energies that surround and move through us, we are better able to glimpse and comprehend the deeper patterns that shape our lives. Energy testing is a basic tool for attuning you to this realm. The mechanical application of energy techniques is another. And the more you engage with subtle energies mechanically, the more your senses begin to calibrate to such energies. Some of you will sense into this realm through your eyes, many of you will know it best kinesthetically, through body sensations and feelings, others through an intuitive "knowing," a few will hear, taste, or smell the movement of energies and gradually come to know the meanings of a spectrum of sounds, flavors, or odors.

For those of you wanting more of an idea of the course's content, I must say it will be-like its topic-a blend of content and flow. And within the context I've tried to articulate above-doing the mechanics and then letting the magic happen-there will be some new methods taught. So jumping off from the course's title, I will just say a little bit about its three components.

Colors: Unlike the chakras or aura, whose colors change, each element (or rhythm) is associated with a fixed color. And each meridian is associated with a variation of the color of its element. Even if you didn't quite follow that, you can quickly understand that this is an awesome piece of nature's handiwork, as striking to those who comprehend it as is the Periodic Table of the (other) Elements. And it has implications for healing. Depending on the health of the meridian, the tone and intensity of its color may vary. One way to enhance the health of the meridian is to adjust the tone and intensity of its color by shining a light that is the meridian's natural color on its lymphatic points. Another method is to determine a color vibration that is lacking in a person's energy system and "treating" the person's drinking water with that color. Regardless of what other forms of energy work you do or don't do, it is relatively easy to learn how to assess and provide the energy systems with the colors needed to support the restoration of health. The class will provide you with colored gels and teach you how to use them for healing purposes. Beyond these mechanical tools for working with colors, your understanding of the energetic meaning of colors will expand. Where the colors of the aura and the chakras interact with one another in a dynamic interplay with your daily experience, when you go deeper than the aura and deeper than the chakras, you find the life color. This color stays steady throughout your life and reveals a great deal about your soul's journey. While the life color is independent of the chakras and aura, it adds its own hue to them. By becoming conversant with these three energies and the ways they reflect color, your understanding of the body as an energy system will deepen.

Auras: The aura is textured by layers, or bands. A weak auric field, or an aura undermined by environmental stress, is a source of vulnerability and disease. The familiar method of weaving the aura using large and small figure 8 patterns can strengthen the aura substantially. But you can also fine-tune the aura. Each auric band can be assessed and strengthened as needed, and you will learn a method for testing each band and working with those needing attention. This is similar in its effect to the Celtic weave, but more precise, allowing greater effectiveness as well as understanding of what is occurring. Whatever a person's illness or health condition, strengthening weak bands of the aura will promote the person's health and resilience. The relationship among the aura, the chakras, and the person's life color will also be addressed.

The Psychic Realm. Opening to the psychic dimension edges you past your intuition into a realm that is always there yet which for most people operates beneath their awareness. Many spiritual practices open your physical senses to this more subtle realm. Others develop your natural psychic senses (such as those associated with the 2nd, 6th, and 7th chakras) and attune your awareness to them. We will explore some that I have found to be the most effective. Energy work itself is a bridge into a more conscious relationship with the invisible realms. The more you engage the body's energies and work with their colors, the more you begin to feel, see, or otherwise sense the underlying realm of subtle energies that animates the body and impacts its health. This class will be a bridge into the psychic realm in all of these ways.

I hope this gives you both a context for how I understand the deeper levels of energy work and enough information to decide if this class is for you. If it is, I look forward to seeing you at the 2005 Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner Conference in Miami, May 26-29.