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I was taken by the motto in your letterhead – “dedicated to finding caring homes for orphaned books.” This copy of “Utmost for the Highest” will be finding its way back to its roots – it is going back to the Victorian School for Deaf Children, which is now known as the Victorian College for the Deaf (VCD). My wife is a teacher of the deaf at VCD. M.M. (Australia)

Last time I had it read to me was about 70 years ago. R.P. (Australia)

I own a bookshop and as I'm sure you do, go above and beyond to keep the customers happy. I had a mother and daughter come into my shop the other day looking for this book. I realised it was out of print and said I could get hold of a second hand copy for her. Obviously I don't make any money on these orders but if it makes a young girl happy and inspires her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, it is worth it. Thanks for your help and I will continue to use your shop when looking for second hand books for my customers. E.N. (bookshop, Australia)

The Little White Horse arrived in time for Christmas ...I spent the first hour just smelling it ..it was lovely and did , indeed bring back some lovely memories. Thank you. F.T. (England)

I had been looking for the book sporadically for some years, not knowing title or author but only that it was a story about Grinling Gibbons. Normal internet searches had produced no result. When I was about 10 or 11 in the mid 1940s at a boarding school in Somerset my headmaster, an Irish Reverend, used to have a group of us on Sunday evenings into his study - always a place with a certain frisson as it was also the place where boys got caned! But on these evenings, in dim light and before a wonderful peat fire - such a smell - he used to read us a story about Grinling Gibbons, and I have often wanted to discover the story again. I am really looking forward to reading it again, and also to see how much, if any of it, I can actually remember now. Best wishes to you. C.B. (UK)

I borrowed the book last week from a friend....then my 2 year old got ahold of it........Thanks for having it in stock! M.B. (USA)

I received my book, the Letters of Mozart, today and I can't describe how happy I am, having found this book in a book store so far away from home. Thank you very much for everything. The reason I was looking for this book was that I am working on a screenplay about Mozart and his father. I really needed these letters. I am hoping to be in the US next year for a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing. As a sign of my appreciation, I would like to include you in my thank you list if I manage to realize this project. F.E. (Turkey)

This man (the subject of the book) is my cousin who I just visited in Oxford. At 94 he is still interesting and alert with many more stories to tell. This book has been hard to find! Sincerely S.M.P. (Canada)

You can't imagine how greatly I appreciate your quick and positive response to my request. My friend will be thrilled to pieces when she receives the book, and again when she receives the note!!! This should all arrive before Halloween, which I was hoping. Every year my friend and I remember a very special Halloween we shared in 1968. So you see, this book is a wonderful reminder of the silly fun we had all those years ago on Halloween which we will never forget! You have added immeasurably to our mutual happiness by your willingness to accommodate the situation. Thank you so much! Take good care, and I'll be in touch with you again, I'm sure. Most sincerely, L.E.S. (USA)

My wife's uncle ( the cousin's father) served with that unit from 1939 -1945 as did the author of the book. My wife and I and all the rellies in the U.S. including his sister, my mother-in-law, and father-in law are looking forward to reading about the unit. I.K. (USA)

It was my favourite book as a child - my Nana would read it to me. I'm attending a Beaut Blokes Day at my sons school, where Dad's are asked to read their favourite story as a child. G.K. (Australia)

The Pegasus orphan will find a loving home with a colleague who has been bemoaning the loss of his copy since forever. This will make him very happy! S.A. (Singapore)

Isn't it strange how I was only able to obtain this book - about an area only 30 minutes' drive from our home - from the other side of the world. R.A. (UK)

I had such a difficult time finding that book! There was a time that I'd found one in London, wouldn't you know it, I went to get my credit card, and presto, someone else beat me to it. D. McC. (USA)

This is a book I borrowed many times from the library though I think it has, like this one, been removed from the shelves. I'm so glad at last to have my own copy. S.L. (Australia)

I have been looking for a reasonably priced copy of this book for more than 2 years and at one stage I thought I would have to purchase it from Germany H.B. (Australia)

I have a few books on diving for pearls in Australia which I have found very interesting as I am or should I say was a sports diver been to a lot or diving locations around the world but never could afford to get to Australia. A.R. (UK)

My mother in law (a real animal lover and whose birthday it is) wanted to read this book but said it was out of print. She will be suprised when we give her this. I.McL. (Australia)

I have been trying to find this book for years. I have even rung people in England to try and find it. C.S. (Australia)

Michael Foreman is my favourite illustrator. I saw this edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the disc of extras with the DVD of the film (a documentary on Roald Dahl with various members of his family reading from the book). I am interested to see how faithfully the book has been adapted so now I can find out as well as add to my Michael Foreman collection. C.W. (Australia)

(the author) is my Great Grandfather and I am interested in any of his books you may get from time to time. B.C. (Australia)

I am a collector of the War at Sea series, and this author's books are just so hard to find these days. G.McC. (Australia)

I do want to thank you. The author was my Aunt and she passed away last Saturday evening at age 95. B.G. (USA)

My dad will love it - he's got every Louis L'Amour novel and has read them heaven only knows how many times over. C.W. (Australia)

There are very few histories-in-depth covering the period from when the former colony of Port Phillip became the State of Victoria 1851. This book looks as if it may answer some of my questions. C.T. (Australia)

The book was written by one of the founder members of the fishing club I am now Vice President of. A.B. (Australia)

I received the "GEMSTONES OF VICTORIA" book today. It has great information in there. I want to find crystals and gemstones for their healing properties and I reckon this book will help me find some. C.L. (Australia)

I have to tell you that this is my third copy of 'Emma & I'. I used to teach disability workers in TAFE and would, periodically - obviously, twice - lend my book to students just before the students sailed out of my life and my reach. This copy is not leaving my shelves, except that I think my grand-daughter wants to borrow it. But I know where she lives.!!!!!!!! M.Y. (Australia)

i have just received the book and have started reading it and to my surprise the author's father and mine were in the same outfit. J.A. (Australia)

Thankyou for my book on Soho, it is were some of our relatives lived in England in the Victorian period. L.N. (Australia)

After finishing John Masters' "Bugles and a Tiger" I desperately wanted to get hold of the sequel "The Road Past Mandalay". This is the only one of his books that has not been on my familys bookshelves all my life. I had to have it and was told it was unobtainable. K.T. (Australia)

It's based on the family history of my Great Great Grandmother and her family. T.R. (Australia)

It is a very informative and well written book. It also has a picture of a man I had used as a tracker in the early 1970's. G.D. (USA)

My wife is a relative of the author, and it will be a nice surprise for her 8-)) P.H.(Australia)

This book was described on the back flap of my father’s copy of Flying Doctor, the story of the first Flying Doctor namely Clyde Fenton who we are related to. My father (90 and still going strong) has some wonderful stories to tell of his time working in this area in the early 1940’s, and I know that this will be an enjoyable read for him, and for me also. R.F. (Canada)

My grandfather was in the 8th Battalion and fought in France - we are going there in September and a bit of research will make the trip much more meaningful. A.B. (Australia)

My dad was a Lieutenant in North Africa, later a captain and was one of the rats of Tobruk. After the war he and the author went into business together but unfortunately my dad passed away when I was ten. I have little of my father so this will be wonderful for my children. D.R. (Australia)

I had fallen in love with this old charmer which I discovered in the library of the Pacific Sun during a cruise last month. I mentioned it to my daughter the day after my return, and within a week I was reacquainted with this treasure. F.T. (Australia)

I need it for my PhD-thesis on Australian WWI novels, and Mrs Balcombe Brookes is always fun to read. C.S. (Australia)

I have been looking for this particular book for almost forty years and I need it to complete some research I have been working on for some years involving the "Three Body Problem" in celestial mechanics. This book means a lot to me. F.H. (USA)

Adam Lindsay Gordon spent 14 of his 16 Australian years in our part of the country, hence the long-term interest. The others also lived in and around Penola! Woods and Gordon were very good friends - rode together, and talked Greek and Latin poetry and Shakespeare out in the 1860s bush. M.M. (Australia)

Hello, I'm from Britan and my dad sent for one of your orphans for my degree. It was An Introduction to the French Theatre. I just wanted to let you know that it has found a loving home and to say thank you for the stamps as well they were a real surprise and made me smile!! I'm doing a drama degree and this book will help me so much with my essay for a module I'm doing on seventeenth centery French theatre. My dad was searching everywhere for this book and I was worried that we wouldn't find it. Thank you again. K.J. (UK)

I met the man who captured Eichman so I cant wait to receive a signed copy. B.F. (USA)

Thanks for sending (ANIMALS ARE MY HOBBY) so promptly. I am indeed related to Gertrude Lintz-- she is (or should I say was) my great aunt. She was married to my Great Uncle Bill who was born in Russia and moved to the US in the 1890's. I never met her when she was alive, but the family still tells some stories about her. As you probably realize the Hollywood movie "Buddy" was based on this book, but until now, I only possesed a photo copy of the original volume-- with very poor quality pictures. Several other books for young readers have appeared following the release of the movie. My wife teaches 7th grade reading, and it turns out someone created a reading unit for teachers that includes a section on the life of my great aunt due to her wide ranging eccentricities. Naturally the students want to lean more about this grand old nut in our family tree, and I think this volume will enhance their learning experiences. The book will also become part of the family heirloons for our own children. Best wishes, and thanks again for sending it so quickly. C. Lintz (USA)

Thanks so much. It will be much loved as my Dad is a great horse lover and used this book to begin his breeding. He is not well at the moment and it will bring him great deal of joy. Thanks again. P.O'K, (Australia)

I'm so glad to have discovered your service. Frankly, I was amazed that a copy was available -- such is the magic of the Internet, I guess. The author was the vicar of the Anglican parish in England that I attended as a small boy way back in the early 1940s, hence my interest. Rev.A.T. (USA)

The book (by David Bellamy) arrived today in excellent condition as described. Very many thanks for your prompt attention, it was a book that I have searched for for over a year. It was great to get it now as I have just returned from a painting holiday with David Bellamy and his wife. Many thanks, R.P. (UK)

The woman that wrote it died recently - the only reason I heard about it was from her obituary in the paper, but sounds like she had an interesting life. L.P. (Australia)

Thanks for that; it's an enjoyable book. The copy I have is a school prize for my father and has about half the pages missing. Evocative of another Australia, I'd guess. L.B. (Australia)

I will be glad to have my own copy of this--instead of footling around with library copies. I am supervising a student who is working on Goudge for an MA in Children's literature. J.F. (Canada)

This book is a gift for a special woman who once played a role in the touring version of this stage musical. Now she struggles as a waitress. She needs this book as a precious memory. thank you. N.B. (USA)

I wanted it for sentimental reasons, my late father was mentioned in it so I was delighted to receive a copy. Thank you once again. A.C. (UK)

thanks ever so much. I study ancient forms of "Tree Worship" and I am writing a book on the subject thanks for helping me along in my quest that book is a bit hard to come by thanks! R.K. (USA)

Thank you so much for getting the book off to me. This is to replace my book that I purchased in 1984 when I was down in your country. I lent my book to someone, and they damaged it. It had been in perfect condition. I have given the first grade class here the old book for their study on the ocean. The boys and girls love to look at the pictures and they are very careful with the book. I just wish the other person had been as careful. Thank you again for all your time. I am so glad that I was able to get the same copy. N.L.A. (USA)

Thank you. It is for our daughter and we hope it will help her studies. As for orphans we adopt many, some are books, these are for me and my research, but some are joeys and wombats and these are for all of us. L.H. (Australia)

Thank you. I am so excited to have found this book. I have been searching for this book for 15 years since my copy was lost. H.T. (U.S.A.)

It has a new home with lots of other weaving and craft books to keep it company (many of them also pre-owned, if not always pre-loved). C.G. (USA)

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